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VPS (Virtual Private Server, Virtual Dedicated Servers) seems to be more and more popular in a web world. VPS is a step between a shared hosting and a full dedicated hosting. Webmasters chooses managed VPS if they don't know server administration, or you can choose unmanaged if they know server administrator.

Here you can find some good deals (using Xen, Virtuozzo, OpenVZ and other technologies). For Linux (Centos, Fedora, Debian, Suse, Slackware, Red Hat, Mandriva, Ubuntu), Windows, Unix and FreeBSD. All providers should offer at least 1 IP although same are offering more.

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Our top recommendation

Website hundertprozent CO2 neutral mit Host Europe Virtual Server 4.0 von Host Europe
1GB memory, 50GB HD RAID, with a flat traffic, only 12.99 EUR (approx. 18$) if you don't speak German, don't worry :) To use them, Google translate will help. Their customer support will answer emails in English. This is a best buy.

Second place

5Very affordable custom plans Company at the hosting market since 1996

Third place

512MB memory, 60GB HD, 2TB bandwith , 49.95$ These guys are stable and very long at the market
For your bussiness you can choose different plans and different provider. VPS provider and plan you should choose depending of :

Online VPSs are using not only for web hosting, but also for games servers, reseller, IRC, chat, domain name servers (DNS), SQL, mail (email using POP3 and IMAP). Depending of what your company or organization needs, which kind of business it has, you might need also : asp, php, perl, python, jdk, java, jsp, j2ee, servlets, postgress, webmail, ms sql, CGI, SSI, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Apache, Tomcat, JBOSS, secure shell (SSL), microsoft frontpage, microsoft exchange, wiki, or gaming software...

Some providers allows ftp others don't.

We try to select some best VPS hosting providers for your ecommerce solution, not cheap (the cheapest) one at this website. VPS hosting providers could use us for promotion. This site is open to your suggestions. All depends of VPS budget. Maybe you need a free trial?

Some people need some specific location for their VPS (for example USA, East Coast or West coast, Chicago or Europe (UK, Germany, Canada, Nederlands or rest) or India.

Send your comments and information to us. We look forward to seeing interesting discount codes.